Change Can Be a Good Thing.


I switched website carriers this last weekend. It had been in the works for a few months. I've been unhappy with the website and provider (nameless) as I had a hard time organizing the galleries. Two years ago I had a web designer personalize the site, set up a blog, and give it a different look then the canned version. 
The problem was I didn't understand how the blog was set up, the site loaded so slowly that I was losing my mind and I was losing my enthusiasm for my pet photography all at once. Not good. 
Then a couple of things happened. My business cards got a makeover via Lesa Snider and CreativeLive in January 2013.
I started a Zenfolio website for my macro/nature work.  I learned how to move through the Zenfolio organization and found it much more intuitive. Zenfolio included an integrated blog and custom pages available to include session information and FAQ pages. And, best of all, it loads FAST. 
I looked really hard at ProPhoto but in the end decided I was comfortable with Zenfolio. It would do what I needed, and I understood the makeup of the website.
So I tweaked an existing template, spent quite a bit of time playing with the initial content and went live on St. Patrick's Day. 
Is it all warm and fuzzy with swirls and pastel colors? Nope. It is classic, down-to-earth colors and content. It suits my style both personally  and photographically. 
And...I'm liking my pet portraits again. 
My new business card design.