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30 Day Project/Days in My Life

Video Shmideo. Who cares? When Canon came out with the first DSLR camera with video...everyone seemed to be sooooo excited by it. YAWN. I'm a stills photographer and video was blasé. Ok, so I'm not an innovator. Not even a first adopter. Well, I caught an advertisement for a Creative Live class (there goes my wallet again) on Showreels. I was intrigued and caught a few minutes of the online class. That was it. I fell for it. Now I must have it.

So plunk, plunk goes the $$ and I watched this amazing class.  The Instructor, Hailey Batholomew (along with Sue Bryce) encouraged us newbies to film fun bits of whatever we wanted for 30 days. We then had to edit and publish the results. I used a point and shoot camera and began filming snippets of my life and used iMovie to do the editing. It was so incredibly fun. 

The rules were the video could not longer then 2 minutes, and DON'T BORE THE VIEWERS. The mantra for film editing is shorter, shorter, shorter, shorter. I have nothing but respect for film editors. Yes, half the film (or pixels) does end up on the proverbial cutting room floor.

The 30 Day Challenge was designed to get us going, work with the digital media and editing software and not to be afraid. It worked. I've stuck my toes in the sand and I'm not going back. :) 

What???? You're only a stills photographer and don't shoot video? How Blasé.



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