How We Are Beating Masticatory Muscle Myositis (MMM)-Update 1.

Buddy poses with the "Comfy Cone".



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Masticatory Muscle Myositis. Update #1 


September 2013...two months after the initial MMM diagnosis. I’ve been a little off the grid in the last couple months or so. Buddy has consumed a lot of spare time and a ton of emotional energy. Right off I want to report he is doing AWESOME. We’ve had quite a few bumps along the way.


We slowly weened him off the Prednisone steroid. As you may remember it totally wracked his system with free flowing pee all day long and all night long. It also made him a little wild eyed. We are done with that (hooray) but he developed a hot spot on his tail and just when that cleared he started chewing on his paw. Enter the cone head. His eyes became kind of goopy from dry eye (new one for us) and we found he had a yeast infection in his ear. Let’s not forget the bladder infection and return of the bladder infection (now clear and using preventative measures).


So here is the morning routine: one Mycophenolate hidden in a piece of string cheese. (for the auto immune disease), a dab of Artificial Tears Ointment in each eye to keep them moist and happy, five drops of anti-biotic in the left ear for the infection, a spray on his left leg that he can’t seem to stop chewing (it is looking better) and add cone head if we are home and he is licking, licking, licking and licking. In his food goes one glucosamine tab (also used to keep the bladder clear) and one gel flax seed oil pill. 


[Aside...One of those gel flax seed pills fell into the water bowl. Wow, they grow to a jelly like creature that reminded me a condom.]


Evening routine same as above except two of the Mycophenolate in string cheese, add two cranberry pills to dinner. 


Buddy’s leaping ability has diminished a bit we wanted to make sure he didn’t hurt himself. He now has a ramp for the truck and the bed.


Despite all this stuff, Buddy is playing with his toys just like the old days, barking at strangers out the window, and doing laps around the house with one of his favorite stuffed toys when we come home. 


Now I need to go nap.



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