Fallen K-9's are Honored

The glean of a bronze statue of a dog caught my eye. As I walked closer realized it was a memorial to police dogs killed in the line of duty. I was on the grounds of the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center (WSCJTC) and I had found a beautiful, peaceful corner filled with honor and sadness. 

I researched just one name. April 2011, Kane, from Clark County, had been stabbed multiple times as he fought with a bank robber. He ran to his handler after being injured and he was rushed to an emergency vet but died of his wounds. Injury to a Police dog is a Class C Felony. The perpetrator was convicted of this violent crime and sentenced to four years in prison. Not long enough. 

I just haven't researched any more of those names. It was too sad. 

Adjacent to the K-9 memorial were two more memorial walls honoring fallen police officers and correctional officers. I sat and reflected on the loss of those officers and the K-9's. 

I stood, patted that bronze dog and drove home and hugged my dog.


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