Barrier Unbroken


Dog in the JarDog in the JarSurreal photograph bring together four elements. The background, gull, dog, jar.

We all have barriers that prevent us from achieving some of our dreams. Some barriers we can break down and move through. Others will remain unbroken.  Despite knowing this I remain optimistic. The glass is half-full, even if I can't reach the damn seagull.

The idea of a canning jar on the beach front appealed to me because it was just so weird and unexpected. I had photographed the beach just a few weeks ago and the canning jar was photographed on my back patio. I looked thru my archives of dog photos and came up with exactly I wanted. A playful pup frustrated and unable to reach his goal (the landing seagull) also photographed just a few weeks ago. I worked with the color scheme quite awhile until it just felt right. 

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Have fun and make art.


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