Organizing Agony

Yes this is my unorganized inspiration board! Nothing is more appealing then re-arranging my digital files at the start of the year. Really...not really. I don't like it but I feel the need. It is more compelling then spring cleaning but less compelling then watching the premier of Downton Abbey. Why am I doing this? I'm changing how I keep my files. Right now I have three libraries (using Aperture) clients, personal, main. I'm consolidating the personal and main because I hate bouncing from library to library. I'll keep clients separate. That works. 

My files are based on year. For instance, the frozen fauna I photographed today will go into the Main Library and the project is labeled by date. So 20140105_frozen_fauna. The software will keep everything in order and the brief description gives me an idea as to what I've got. 

One caveat...I often shoot a couple of different things and it all ends up on the same camera memory card. I make a different project (or file) for each subject found on the card. When the memory card says "eject and keep or delete items"? Keep "em and don't delete "em. Again, using the example, I did shoot the frozen fauna today but I also photographed a gorgeous sweater my spouse made. I import the sweaters, don't eject the memory card and re-import the frozen fauna. Both are happy in two separate files in the same library.   

Now this is where my New Year's resolution kicks in...Keywords. Let me say that again, KEYWORDS. I'm going to enter a few keywords for my images at import or immediately after. Lost files are a pain in the butt and my main culprit was not doing this simple task.

Now...I've procrastinated enough...



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