The Eagle Had Landed

It was a bitter wind but the rain had not started. I was almost warm with the hoody protecting my ears and wearing light gloves. The Edmonds, WA beach was empty. A single dog populated the off leash park.

I was on a photo mission and hoping the birds were going to put on a show.
I had my bird photo gear, a Nikon V1, a 300mm and a tripod. The crop factor gave this big lens a reach of about 800mm. I set up above the beach and focused on a gray bird perched about 40 yards out on a half-sunken pier log.
Needing to move closer, I headed down the path and veered across the sand. I picked my way through large drift wood strewn about like breeched whales. 
The tripod set firmly once again I refocused on the perched bird.  I was looking at an American Bald Eagle. He was not the bird I looking at just two minutes ago! I was thunderstruck and I had him all to myself.
He stayed for about 10 minutes where I took some nice shots and a little video. Without warning he swooped off for parts unknown.


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