Lens Flare for Flair


Aries is a stallion. Large, spirited and definitely a mare man. Just as the sun was rising we had him in a gorgeous area of the stable. One of the photos I wanted to create used lens flare. I pre visualized the finished portrait as I drove to the stable. Luckily, no clouds on this September morning in the Pacific Northwest...the weather gods were with me.

I stood facing the sun. It was low on the horizon and shown directly into my camera. Lens flare is caused by light striking the lens of a camera. It causes lower contrast and "light bubbles" (look under Aries visible eye and see a yellow bubble). Usually avoided because of these physical effects, used judicially, you can create a very special look. For Aries, I wanted lens flare.  I walked around him looking for nice light on his back, head and mane.

It created a beautiful, ethereal feel to his portrait with a buttery color, his mane glowing and steam rising from his back and his breath.

An emotional portrait.

Try lens flare in your own photography. It is all physics. If you want to dive deeply into this subject I've got a link to a Wiki post HERE.

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