Flower Shower

Ahh my favorite model. This idea came as I was sitting in a workshop a few weeks ago. Photographer/Artist Brooke Shaden was evangelizing about inspiration, creativity and the artist within us all. I was listening and absorbing and this picture came to mind. Not exactly like this but pretty darn close. Later in the week I photographed Buddy in my "studio" (a small space with storage bins) with an atrociously colored background but some terrific texture. I added in four or five photographs (all mine thank you) and the final photo started to take shape. Alas, I had no photographs of any trees. Can you believe that??? So off to Saint Edwards State Park and I shot some trees before the rain came down hard. I even got my knees wet as I knelt to get that all important ground shot.

The flowers. Yes the flowers. Those flowers are called Ranunculus. I had the gal at the flower shop write it down. I photographed the flowers for another personal project and they were getting a little long in the tooth.  Inspired by Ms. Shaden I made multiple photographs of that small bunch of flowers (try about 100) to get a totally different looks and trajectory. Yes, it is a Flower Shower and illustrates how much beauty this boy brings to our lives.

Now...did he or didn't he chomp on that flower? You make the call...it's my secret. 

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Now go make some art.


Rebecca Wallick(non-registered)
Another ethereal photo, just beautiful. I sense a single, determined ray of sunshine breaking through the fog to light the flowers and Buddy's face.
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