Happy Dance

The DanceThe DanceDance when you hear the music.

"Dance like no one is watching". I'm not sure who said that but I always make sure no one is watching. I can keep a beat with my fingers and toes but the rest of me goes askew like a tightrope walker desperately trying not to fall.  So when I'm listening to great music I tap the beat and in my mind I'm doin' the Happy Dance.

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Notes on this photo: I photographed Coco as she danced in circles (for food). I had this series of photos and wanted to combine them in some manner.  Using Photoshop I combined them and auditioned backgrounds, floors and colors. I added the Nietszche quote to polish it off. Like waiting for a Costco avocado to ripen, so did this piece. It's hard for me not to post an image immediately. I'm glad I waited to let it "ripen".




Rebecca Wallick(non-registered)
I love this! I smile when I see it. I want a poster version of it hanging on my office wall so that every time I take a break from a task, I'm reminded that life is about the happy moments that are free of self-judgment and doubt, when we dance like no one is watching. Another great creation, Shelle!
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