Masticatory Muscle Myositis: One Year Later

Buddy on his couch.

Buddy rests on his couch. Photographed today for this post.


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Masticatory Muscle Myositis:  June 2014, One Year Later

The cell phone rang seven, eight, nine times. I was hoping to leave of message of hope for a stranger. Crystal had emailed me a few days ago to ask how our Chocolate Lab Buddy was doing one year after his Masticatory Muscle Myositis diagnosis.

In her email she explained that her dog also had the same disease and was experiencing similar issues. I immediately emailed my good news that Buddy seemed to have fully recovered. The three pills a day of the anti-rejection pills had been reduced to one per day soon to be at an end altogether. Squeaky toys and fetching are a full time activity and he is living a good life. 

The good news email was "undeliverable" (AOL issue) but that was probably for the best. Crystal had left a cell phone number and I called her after two days of email bounces. On ring number ten a broken voice answered. I introduced myself and Crystal began to cry. She was just driving home from the vet where they had to put her dog down. She explained that her Charlie began to have seizures and just couldn't recover. I was stunned. The best I could do was offer my truest condolences and encourage her to know she had done the right thing. It was a heart breaking conversation.  

We were lucky. Our Buddy was diagnosed quickly and our Vet got him on medication that was effective and one he could tolerate. 

I'm thinking of Crystal and her Charlie while I hold Buddy in my arms.



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