Printed Portraits Versus Digital Files

20141204_Oslo_delivery_LR_0004John and Oslo with the Space Needle.John chose a 20x30 canvas wrap for his den.

Why My Clients Purchase Printed Products (instead of digital files).

Many of my clients inquire about purchasing digital files. I always ask what they (the client) would like to do with them. Often the response is "I don't know." 
Most folks shoot with digital cameras these days and are used to having their pictures at their fingertips. Convenient yes.
Safe, secure and admired every day? Nope.
Let's start with safe and secure. I've got my photos on a computer hard drive, backed up to an external hard drive, backed up to a cloud service. I'm thinking of adding one more backup to this system. All are organized in a sensible manner to enable me to find a particular photo out of about 30,000 images. 
I LOVE photography. My clients love their dogs and families. They take the time to care of those they love. It's my job is to take care of their photographs of those they love.
Now on to the "admired every day" part of this essay. I want my clients to see their portraits every day in wall art. A canvas, metal, framed print displayed in the living room or den will become a treasure, especially as a pet ages.
It's a special day when I do a photo shoot for a client. There is pre-planning, the shoot, darkroom work, presentation, sales, final retouching, ordering, inspecting the finished products, delivering and finely hanging the pieces. It's a big deal for me and a really big deal for them. I want my clients to have the very best portraits, retouched to my standards and then reproduced by the best professional labs in the country.
I'm hearing a chorus of "But I want to share the way cute photos with my family on Facebook!"  I SAY YES.
I can do that. How about an App with your favorites downloaded to your smart device or computer ready to share.
"But I want digital files to print cards for Christmas!" I SAY YES. I can print gorgeous cards for any occasion. 
The whole idea is to NOT throw a thumb drive (or CD, remember those?) into a drawer, forget about it and lose some very important moments in your life. 
Let me take care of the details and you just enjoy the wall art for the rest of your life.


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