Original Stardog

Star and Shelle's self-portrait.The Original Stardog.

20 Years Later and Photography Encapsulates Love

A self-portrait with my Stardog years before "selfie" entered our language. I found a black & white print yesterday and I am so grateful. That's my boy maybe 3 years old and all black...except for that one white toe. That is why I named him Star...a star shining in the dark night. Two decades later, this photo brought back such a clear memory of that day. We explored Lord Hill Park and walked the hills and stream.

Always a photographer, I set up the camera and posed us. My right hand is holding the wired trigger. Star is looking up into the open sky and it lights up his face and eyes.

One portrait explains everything about my Stardog and me. One portrait that encapsulates the feeling of love I still have for this boy. He is why Stardog Photo exists.


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