Impressionist Pet Portraits

Pet photo done in an Impressionist StyleNemo

Unknown Dog The majority of my pet photography is very traditional but sometimes I want to break out of the type of work and create something of a timeless piece of art. I really like the idea of the dog as part of the background and did something in that genre a while ago. (click here to see that work) The top piece takes it one step further in that the detail of the puppy is only a suggestion. This is much like an impressionist painting and exactly what I envisioned.

The second piece is much more detailed and with a lot of color. The original piece was just the dog (with those magnificent eyes) but the sky was a light gray with no clouds. I decided to combine one of my images of the Napa Valley as the background. I really like the color contrast too. I hope you enjoy these two. There are more to come as I explore and experiment.


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