Knitter Critters

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Quiz time!

Stop and look at the photographs and guess how these are made and what they conceal.

Yes, they are all handmade knitted creatures.

But there is something about them...HMMMM.

(keep scrolling for the answer) 





They all are covers for this!!!!!!  20140202_tape_LR_000320140202_tape_LR_0003

These are fully functioning measuring tapes. A tug on a tail or paw and the tape is available. My wife is a expert knitter and trades yarns and other goodies for these critters.  All handmade by her friends around the world. 

To see all the critter images in the gallery click here.

The lighting set up included a main light on camera right, a white reflector to fill in some shadow on the other side and a small flash set up behind and to the left of the subjects to throw a bit of light along the left edge.  Not too much but enough to spice it up a little bit. 


StarDog Photo
I now understand these are Crochet Critters. I apologize to all the crochet and knitting artists. I am now better educated!
Crocheted my dear. Most of them are crocheted :) Thank you for photographing our little taste of whimsy.
These are Awesome! I love all the work that has gone into every single one of these and there is always more out there...I'm sure your collection will grow :)
What a great gallery of these lovely creations! You're very talented, as are the makers of these. :-)
StarDog Photo
All the talented knitters leaving these nice messages...Please feel free to download any of the images in the gallery associated with this blog post. :)
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