Pet of the Month Series!


When I was growing up the local animal shelter always had a feature in the newspaper called the Pet of the Week. It included a small black and white picture with a paragraph about the animal such as disposition, good with kids (or not). That is how our family ended up with Freckles. She was a Basset Hound/Beagle mix. When her picture appeared in the newspaper our whole family went to the shelter and waited for it to open. I remember a crowd of people outside and I was sure they were all there for the same dog. As the doors opened us kids ran in and I remember my oldest sister running to the counter and yelling "We want the pet of the week." 

We were ushered into a room for an interview and I remember the women reciting the requirements for adoption while enthusiastically smoking a cigarette. She suddenly crossed her arms and proceeded to burn my arm as I stood next to her. We were rewarded by our enthusiasm and tolerance for pain and proudly brought home Freckles, the "Pet of the Week".  Freckles LOVED my mother and bit every one of us kids often. I thought that was what dogs did. I loved her anyway and Freckles lived a long life with us. She mellowed when we go a bigger dog.


Pet of the Month club. Every month I'll post a mini-slideshow of my featured pet on my HOME page.

Sticker is Dog of the Month for March. 

Last summer we met up nice and early (6AM) and headed to the waterfront for some beach time and early morning sun.  I really like the "super-dog" photo as Sticker surveys his territory while poised on the beach logs.


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