I'm BACK...and feeling GOOD despite the C word.

You may have noticed a LONG delay from when I last posted anything. I wish I had been on a world-wide photographic adventure. Nope. October 2016 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Yes, the C word. OUCH. I had really no symptoms except I felt a small knot or something on one side of my pelvis and only when I was laying down. That was it. The doc wasn't too concerned either. Had an ultrasound and got a call with the crappy news. Next day (Saturday) at the direction of the general practitioner I went to urgent care and got a CT Scan. The following Monday I saw the surgeon and two days later I was on the surgical table. Lost my innards and underwent 18 weeks of chemotherapy. But that's not all folks... following genetic testing I had a double mastectomy to ensure my chances of breast cancer were cut to 1-2% instead of 50-85% in my lifetime. Quite a ride. So yes I'm back and feeling really good. Thanks for asking!!

One of the joys of this period was in February when we adopted our puppy Toby. Crazy right? A puppy! I dragged myself down to the studio and did a fast and tiring photoshoot while he was just 2 months old. I did another at 6 months. My, he doesn't look anything like he did as a wee lad. Look at those Yoda ears. We adore him!

Something good came out of all this: An absolute joy at being alive! Wow...love those blue, cloudy, rainy, any sky days. 

Toby at 2 months. Toby at 6 months.




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