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Click here to watch a short video to see what StarDog Photo is all about. 

My Star

He was all black except for one white toe, a star in the black sky. I named him Star but I always called him Stardog.

We walked to the park daily for twelve years. A prickly hedge grew next to the sidewalk. On EVERY walk Star rubbed his ribs along the stiff branches, going one way then turning to get his other side. The massage made him growl with happiness.
Now, every morning, I see the simple pine picture frame. Aligned vertically are three photographs. His paws are crossed and his ears are pulled back in resignation. I can almost hear him let out a long, breathy dog sigh that means "I'm bored." I laugh. He's adorable. He's been gone for more than 6 years but he is always with me.


Pictures are say so much more then I could ever write. 

Click here to watch a short video to see what StarDog Photo is all about. 

After watching the video, wipe the tears, and contact me for your complimentary consultation.

Shelle Singer
StarDog Photo


Testimonial from John:

I had the opportunity to work with Stardog Photography in the fall of 2014, soon after my Golden Retriever was diagnosed with cancer. There was an urgency to capture our friendship for posterity, and I have no regret in selecting Stardog and working with Shelle Singer. She spent some time talking to me about my relationship with my dog, Oslo and how we had spent our special time together over the last decade. Next I knew, we were walking, she was shooting and we were at his favorite park. Shelle's compassion, allowed Oslo and I to relax in front of the camera, so she could capture all the emotions of the moment and of life together. It was a great morning. Now filled with happy memories. She was skilled at using her equipment and changing perspectives and she easy to work with in the weeks after the shoot as we went through our options. She provided digital images of how her work would fit into various rooms of my home and even helped me design a Holiday Greeting Card. It was a pleasure and in celebrating and honoring one friendship, we gained a new friendship. I would encourage any animal lover eager to capture their relationship with their pet to work with Shelle. Her work with her camera was extraordinary. 


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