StarDog Photo | Tragedy Propels a Paradigm Shift

Tragedy Propels a Paradigm Shift

Sandee is holding a kitten taken in at the San Fransisco SPCA.Sandee SingerMy sister volunteered at the local animal shelter for more then 20 years while working at United Airlines as an HR Professional.

My sister Sandee poses for a staff photograph in December 2014 at the San Francisco SPCA where she volunteered for more than 20 years.

Photo by Robert J. Schroeder Photography


paradigm shift |ˈpɛrəˌdaɪm ʃɪft

nouna fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.

I've been silent for a while and I want to share why.

My big sister died of breast cancer after 10 years being cancer free. It came back fast and hard. She died on April 8, 2015 and thankfully I was able to fly out on that day and be with her when she passed. That event has propelled a paradigm shift for me and StarDog Photo. You see, when I was last visited her in 2013 she walked me into the ground as we toured San Francisco. I had my camera and photographed the city and views. I only took one photo of my sister and that was on the day I left. I set up a tripod and begged her to sit down and do a photo together. It is not pretty but it is the last photograph I have of her. I regret not photographing her as we walked Pier 51, stopped at Ghirardelli Square, enjoyed our Thai lunch or Japanese dinner.

Portraits of our family and pets is vitally important. So now I am offering both.

StarDog Photo is expanding to include family portraiture. 

Yep. That's right. Have pet or not. I'm photographing families. My sister has spoken.






Patricia Mellevold(non-registered)
What a great picture of Sandee. Miss her tons.
Tracey Rice(non-registered)
What a beautiful tribute to your big sis, Sandee. The images & feelings that you capture in your photography is astounding. Whether it be people or furry friend portraits, you are able to transend the essence of your subject. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing our beloved, big-brown eyed girl, Maggie be the July Poster Child for your website. I miss my girl so much, but seeing her on the big screen makes me smile and think about the wonderful years that we spent together..... So happy that you are expanding your portfolio to include family photos!
Rebecca Wallick(non-registered)
What a wonderful legacy your sister leaves, encouraging you to help others cement their memories of family - two- and four-legged - in your amazing photographs. I'm so sorry for your loss, Shelle. I'm proud of you for turning your grief into a positive thing for others. And by the way, I know firsthand that you do a fantastic job of capturing people as well as pets, sometimes all in the same photo.
Awww Shelle, I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. Pictures are such a great way to honor the people and pets we love. That's why I'm so thankful that I hired you to photograph my fur babies. Seeing these beautiful pictures of Maisey and Outtie remind me of how much they were loved and it makes me feel better. Thank you for the gift that you have and thank you for sharing it with others.
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