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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is your studio?
I am an on-location photographer so we work where you and your pets are most comfortable. I will want to chat with you and get an understanding of the type of photographs you like so we can tailor the session to suit you.
When do I pay you your fees?
The Creative Fee ($185) is due prior to the portrait shoot to reserve your day and time.
What is a Creative Fee?
The Creative Fee includes the pre-shoot consultation (by phone or in-person), travel time, the portrait session, order session,  retouching and preparation to print the most gorgeous wall portraits you will ever see.  
So where will we do the photo session?
We will decide where the session will take place. It could be your home, a park, the beach, or some special place you and your pets enjoy. Often the sessions involve both an indoor and outdoor shoot. I like to use both natural light and strobe light to create different looks. I love the action shots too. 
What days are you available?
My portrait sessions are Monday-Friday or by special arrangement.
The weather looks awful on the day we are scheduled. What happens?
We live in the beautiful but rainy Pacific Northwest. If the weather looks too wet, we will reschedule. Sunshine is not required and cloud cover will actually look beautiful! 
How long is the portrait session?
The portrait sessions will usually run about 2 hours. By that time, the pet and everyone else is tuckered out.
20141011Oslo_47920141011Oslo_479 Do I need to do anything special?
Take your dog out for a nice walk and potty break before the session. This will help keep the dog calmer. Keep treats and toys away from the pet prior and during the photo shoot. We will introduce noise makers as needed.
I'm going to have some pictures taken with my pet. What should I wear?
Neutral tones are better such as tans, browns, light green, cream etc. 
I'm nervous because my dog jumps a lot or doesn't mind well. What can I do?
Relax and enjoy the process. Dogs and cats will do what dogs and cats do. I understand and don't expect perfection. Some owners just get too upset when the dog doesn't sit long enough or is just being a dog. Remember, all I need is about 1/250 of a second. Your dog or cat will look like a pro in in the final portrait. 
I don't want to take the leash off. Will that be a problem?
No problem at all. I am an expert in removing the leash in the final portrait via the digital darkroom. It will be our secret!
cruiser on background20100911_puli_cruiser_1565cruiser on background20100911_puli_cruiser_1565 How many pictures do you take?
I take a lot of pictures but I present about 15 to 20 finished portraits for you to choose from. These are the best of the best. 
How do I see the portraits?
About two weeks after the photo session we will have a slideshow to show off the big,beautiful, exciting and funny portraits of your pets. This takes place at your home. After we watch the slideshow (about five times because once is never enough) you will be able to order your favorite canvases and wall portraits. I can help pick out sizes and styles that will compliment your home.
Are the photos online?
After the presentation, your photos will be online in a gallery on my website. The first time I want my clients to see finished portraits is during the slideshow. It is very exciting.
So I love the photos. How do I order?
All orders for your portraits are taken the day of our presentation. We take our time and decide the best size and type of portrait for your home.
Where do I pick up my finished products?
I personally deliver your finished portraits as soon as possible. I love seeing these canvases and metal prints on the walls. I bring my tools with me to get them on the wall before I leave.